Need suggestions from the community

Okay, here goes. I am new to WP but very excited to be here, I am a filmmaker and used to working with tech and clever creatives, code is new to me but I want to learn.

So here is the rub for you super devs. I want to create a site with minimal coding to start it up as a Lean Startup. To test my idea. I need 3 basic functions.

1) A project page; where users can post a project to get feedback on it.

2) It will be a payment site but users will get basic usage for free. The 3 price plans will function on the basis of the more you pay the more boxes and bits you get (we can discuss that in more detail for now lets keep the picture wide to take in the concept to start with).

3)Their project will display in a grid and be ranked in their own subpages by the number of heat they are getting from comments that can be upvoted or downvoted either from the sub or front page thumb or inside the project page in detail. Commenters can keep their Karma to show how bright they are.

So we have kickstarter – but not for funding – for hate. We have pinterest for visual display and we have good old Reddit :slight_smile:

Where does one start and how to stitch this cleverly. Go.