Need suggestions on which way to take my site.

My site, is far from done. Just setting up the basics.
The focus of the site is to offer an online course for a fee that offers knowledge on reaching top level selling tiers on eBay and amazon. This is selling 102 or 103 vs the basics of 101.

The current direction I am going to set it up as just this.... Get a membership, get full access, free membership has a few teasers, typical methods. But I am thinking of changing the direction of the sites free content to draw in more crowds. I am considering turning it into an information site for the same industries in addition to the course. Offering free articles, information, new updates. Make the site a mix of my course and the information.

Yes, there are plenty out there offering this kind of news information and the ebay education. But not many offer the course at the levels I am giving the information. I am just wondering if it makes sense to have the site do both? I cannot see how more content would be a problem. The problem is I am getting overwhelmed on thinking about it. Mostly because of the set up.

I would like opinions. Should I just make the site about the course or course + industry news? I am leaning toward the latter. If you feel as though it should be a course + industry news, can you think of other sites that do this (any industry) and manage the presentation well on their site?