need this app to work properly!

i am a new business and have purchased this app and service approx. 2 weeks ago.

although there have been a few issues, they seem to have got solved pretty quick, however of great concern is . . .

no-one has been able to make a booking, not even me when I've tried! that is not ok!

the confirmation email is not working! I need to also receive the email to get their contact info to call them for the appointment - none of this is currently happening, despite me adjusting the settings. i have gone into the settings and tried to send myself an email that way, but nothing ???

i need this app to do what it says! i need a client to make a booking with payment and ensure there is an email that goes to them and me, until that is done there is no concrete appointment, and the app is not performing!

please someone call me on 3105055060 asap to resolve.

also support access IS OPEN!