Need to Approve New Users

Hi Support,

I am working on the process to move/register users to the Buddy Press website.

For this to happen I need to work out how to approve/ register/enroll-profile and categorise skills sets. With the intention of developing profiles further in the future.

This leaves me with 3 immediate questions

1. Is there an activation link that I can send existing users to sign up - so as to facilitate the registration?
2. is there an approve users (admin function) for multisite installs? ( a previous support ticket on this topic gave me a approve users link but this was for single site installs :disappointed:)
3. is there an advanced profiling tool, (or a way to extend the WPMU profile too) as we need to take skills lists and interests, add these to the users profile and give users the ability to publish public company profiles.

The profile development is the core part of the website and I very much am looking at how to continuously develop. In this regard if there is an expert over there in WPMU we may be interested in hiring some help on this aspect.

Best regards,