Need to be able to see Custompress categories in Divi Builder blog module

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Hi, I am using Divi Builder in conjunction with CustomPress in order to easily show different post types on the site above. I want to be able to choose which categories of post types appear on different pages... IE: all dogs on one page / All Cats on another. These can then be click on to get more detail and of course my client can then just add the animals themselves and assign the right category in order for the new animals to appear on the right page.

The problem is divi builder is only showing me one category which is 'Uncategorised' and not all the others that have been created with Custompress.

How can i get the all the categories created with Custompress to show in the options when i go into the 'Blog' module when in divi builder?

I just need it to pull in these categories as well as the standard 'Post' categories from the standard blog.

A solution would be so much help.

many thanks (image attached for help)