Need to compress message for certain images

After enable the option "Smush my original full-size images", Hummingbird is keep giving me the recommendation to optimize full sized images. What can I do more?

  • viobru

    Hi, Jesamine!

    Hope you’re doing well today :slight_smile:

    I’ve been checking your site and seems that the images that are been displayed as the background in the different sections of your homepage are pulling the original image, which is larger than the image that’s actually being displayed. As you can see here, the image that’s pulled to be used as the background has a larger size than the one it’s displayed:

    I’ve tested on my site and seems that pulling an image to be used as background that has the actual size that’s been displayed solves the issue. So, in this case, I suggest you contact your theme developer and to inform about this so he/she can prepare the images that will be used as background at the actual size that’s being displayed. Please note that theme customization goes beyond our support service and will need to be done by your theme’s developer.

    Please, let us know in this thread if this fix solved the issue :slight_smile:

    Happy New year!

    Kind regards,


  • Jesamine

    Hi there! Thanks for your response. I'm a bit confused about what I need to say to the theme developers. They didn't prepare any images for me. Would I be requesting a change to their Theme design in general?

    Typically, they respond with the same message you did: "beyond our scope" if it's a conflict of plugins.

    I hear this a lot: "Please note that theme customization goes beyond our support service and will need to be done by your theme’s developer." I'm assuming you must get grief from people about that. I'd never expect anyone to customize anything just for me.

    Does this mean that the low score I'm seeing is truth and that your Pro Smusher won't work with my site? If so, I'm betting that my theme (which I am unwilling to change because it's amazing) and your plugins don't play nice. I'll have to pass on the Pro service if that's the case.

    I'll cut and paste what you said into the forum of the theme and see what they say.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Rupok

    Hi Jesamine,

    I'm a bit confused about what I need to say to the theme developers.

    Please ask your theme developer to add code to his theme to register custom image sizes according to the frame sizes used in this theme. And then with code, pull the appropriate image size to be shown in those frames. That will resolve this issue.

    It's not a conflict of plugins. And as they coded the theme, they have to add those custom image sizes otherwise, if you add those custom code, those will be gone with each theme update.

    Does this mean that the low score I'm seeing is truth and that your Pro Smusher won't work with my site?

    Smush Pro definitely works on your site because Smush just optimizes your images and increase the site performance as less data need to be fetched after smushing. But no plugin can detect all the frame sizes used in a theme, and can auto register custom image size and then automatically change theme code to fetch those matching image sizes with frames.

    And the Hummingbird Score is just a performance test. It's same as Google PageSpeed Insight test. It tells you about your site's overall performance. Lower score doesn't mean your site is broken. But higher score means your site performance is better than other low score sites.

    Please let us know if you have any further confusion. We will be very glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

    • Jesamine

      Hi there. Thanks for the clarification. I finally understand what's happening now. Now, let me see if I can get the code to fix it. The theme developer is not some "guy" I can just ask. I'm using X-Pro with an Ethos Stack by I have done all of the design and custom code myself. If it's possible to make it work with custom code, I can do that. I can ask the support people for the code. Sometimes they say, "won't work" or "sorry, customization that is beyond our scope". We'll see.

      I never thought a low score meant my site was "broken". That's a bit melodramatic. They are up and running fine. One of your support team members told me verbatim: "this score is wrong. something isn't working right." This is added to the fact that Hummingbird was telling me that I should install WpSmush in order to solve the problem, and of course, it's already installed. I don't trust those kind of inconsistencies.

      I just need to be sure that your plugins and my theme play nice before I make a decision about taking on the monthly overhead. I'm in the trial phase. I want to be informed.

      Thanks a lot for the help. I can at least ask the right questions to the Theme's support team now.

      All the best

  • Jesamine

    Hello again!

    I also want to make sure we're all talking about the same thing. The original problem I had was this: On my performance test, it shows "Optimize the following images to reduce their size by 2.5MiB (78% reduction). Then I have a list of 12. It's telling me to compress them, not to compress and resize them. When I go into my Media Library, all of those images are already compressed, i.e. Smushed with smush stats.

    Thanks again for your time....

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Jesamine,

    Yes, we are talking about the same thing. We run few tests with images from your site, to be sure what is the issue.
    On my site I took one of your images (one reported) - that was already compressed on your site and place it on page where size of image fit the size of it's container (so image around 900x700 px was displaying in the same size - not smaller) and run test. Google page speed did not alerted that image for compression. So I had proof that image was indeed compressed by Smush.

    Violeta preformed another test - she took the same image and used on her site the same way as it is used on your: so as background in container that is smaller than the real image size. She run test and result was the same as on your site. Google alerted image. Next part was to use the same image as background but in size fitting container. And run another test - this time there was no alert for image.
    Images are "artificially" scaled in theme you are using on your site - this way it is loading bigger images in places where smaller images should be server. It means that instead of 15kB image it is loading 70kB image - and by changing that you can improve speed of your site loading time.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

    kind regards,

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