Need to contact to a developer about linking a booking plugin to a calendar

Hi, I have nearly completed stage one of a customer’s website using the Soho booking theme for WP. The booking interface from a customer’s perspective is really good and the client loves it however the back end lacks certain functionality. I need to know if it is possible to link the dates to calendar so the client can see at a glance which dates are booked and available. Because the plugin is made up of posts you need to go into each booking and she would have to manually add this to a calendar. I don’t want to link it to a desktop calendar I want it so you can access the information from a smartphone or tablet. I understand this would be a project that would be charged so I am just getting quotes at the moment if it can be done, which I’m sure something can because the information is there as the dates are greyed out in the front end. Cheers Kinnear