Need to convert an spreadsheet into html for viewing and to have user interaction on a website?

I have a spreadsheet created and I wish to have it place it on a web page. The spreadsheet will have some user interaction where the user will select multiple products and a total will be tallied for them to view. I wish for this functionality to be on the website, but the xls needs to be converted into html for the website?

Is there a tool (i.e. plugin or another tool) out there to use if I don't have the spreadsheet converter where I can accomplish this conversion? I did find where someone used a tool called "Tableizer", but this tool left out some important code in the conversion process. In my spreadsheet I have checkboxes where the user selects various checkboxes and depending on the checkboxes selected a total will be tallied. Tableizer did not recognize the code for the checkboxes when doing the conversion.

Thank you