Need to create an online option for clients to select music they want to hear at an event and export

Don't know if something like this already exists or not. For my DJ/Entertainment business I need a way to display a list of available music for Bride and Grooms or other event clients to be able to select online which songs they want performed at their event. Preferably I would like to have 3 options while they are looking at my database. Must Play, Play if Possible and DO Not Play. I've used another service in the past for this service as well as other planning forms and don't like that all of my information is stored on their servers. For example I couldn't afford to renew their yearly fee at one point and I have no access to any of my data. Even past clients so I can't even prove what they had requested.
So I'd like something that I can control and keep all of my clients data on MY servers.

The other caveat would be able to export their final list (they may access their list on several days or weeks etc... ad and or remove songs from their list/s) they would finalize and submit the list to me via email or other means. Would like this to be in m3u format.

Any and all help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Erik

    Hi Dean,
    This all sounds easily do-able, it just needs consideration in how you are saving your data/capturing the input.

    You'll obiviously need some sort of form to capture this, are you wanting to do this at time of product purchase? Or perhaps via a publicly available form? You could register the bride/groom as a wp user and give them a link to the form. It really depends on the context, as that's the only real consideration.

    Past that you'd simply attach your own inputs to the form or purchase page that created checkboxes(or whatever) showing a list of available music (you store this as a csv or as custom post types, whatevers clever). Each form field would be coupled with a dropdown of 'must play', 'please play', etc. And all of this data would be saved to either the purchase orders custom meta, or to the gravity forms form entry data, or to a custom post type post that you created on form submission.

    And for export you could either use wp_query to loop through your custom post types of form submissions, or a $wpdb->get_results of your custom table, or whatever.

    Now as you mention you would like the user to be able to edit the list in multiple sittings, I would suggest you go the following route:

    1) create a custom post type of available-music and add your available tracks there (or with a csv import)

    2) assign the bride/groom a wp user

    3)create a page called 'manager' with a wp_query loop through your custom post types of 'available_music', on each loop provide a form or js onclick to add that post type to an array paired with there 'must play' selection for that track.

    4)save the selection array to the clients wp user meta on form submit

    5)add a display of their selections by getting that user_meta field we saved stuff in above and looping through your array of saved 'available-music' post id's and 'must play' specification, do some pretty stuff and get their names and info etc to display there too.

    6)write some functions to remove particular post_id's from there user_meta field where you are saving their selection, add these to your functions library and be ready to trigger them later

    7)add some form or js onclick elements to their playlists displays individual loop iterations to trigger your post_id remove function. *you can make a hidden field that when submitted deletes the passed in field id (if current user has rights of course!), and populate this field id with js and submit too, thus allowing the trigger to be a little div with a red x as the background or whatever.

    8)add a private page called admin-export with a dropdown field iterating through all your users via get_users for filtering of users.

    9)on the admin-export page grap the post variable of the selected user from the above step, and get that users saved playlist meta and loop through it showing each post_id and post_title.

    You can go nuts with drag and drop, adding .m3u uploads to your available music posts, or whatever after that

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Some very thorough information there from Erik.

    I'd probably look at using CustomPress to create the database of your music catalogue.

    I've just spent some time playing with gravity forms and Formidable and I reckon you could use these to mail through their choices.

    It wouldn't get you an exact fit to what you want but it would avoid having to do custom coding whilst getting something manageable.

    Gravity Forms (through dynamic field population):

    Formidable Pro

    There are other free plugins out there which could work.

    Hopefully you now have some avenues to investigate. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @Erik and @Timothy Bowers Great suggestions and I'll have to do some more research for the best solution. I was hoping something like this had already been written as I currently don't have a lot of time to dedicate (also the reason for my lack of activity on the forums lately)

    Thanks again for your suggestions and if anyone else has other ideas or a solution that's already out there would be greatly appreciated.


  • Dean Kaus

    Hello @Erik Thanks for the offer to code this for me. Currently I'm more than broke and the only reason i'm doing this wedding is that it's my cousin. I used to Photo, video or DJ approx 30 weddings a year for over 20 years until ab accident and 3 Bridzillas in a row made me think I need to do something different. There was a company called DJintelligence that actually had all of these planning forms and sell their services for either $100 or $140 per year. They did offer some customization and updates however I didn't like the fact that my clients data was on their servers, as well as their name showing up in the url bar. Thousands of DJ's and other vendors across the country now seem to be the same company to the tech savy bride.

    So my idea was to re-create the information form to collect the information I need which is easy to do with contact form 7 and such. Where I'm stuck is to have the ability to upload my music database with the file location/directory from my performance DJ Computer. This information is needed so that when the bride creates her music request or playlist online, I can export the information into an M3U file and import that directly into my DJ software and not have to enter the requested music list. If I had the time and knowledge to do this myself I would and would market it as I'm sure that there are a bunch of DJ's like myself that would love to have a less expensive alternative to do the same job that DJ Intelligence does.

    Still looking for solutions or someone to partner up with to possibly put this together and market it and make some money. If interested you can also contact me privately via email kausphoto (at) gmail (dot) com.

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