Need to disable buddy press members and groups pages

I have buddy press installed, and I need to disable the members and group pages. I need the pages to still be there, so I can't disable the url through .htaccess or delete the page because that would disable the user's ability to edit their own account email and password.
I need to specifically delete the page contents to secure that content. I've seen some mentions of code that can be placed on the bp-custom.php file, but I'm not sure exactly how that works.

Or is it a better strategy to use the Membership plugin to restrict access to those pages?
As a note, we're already using RestrictContentPro as it is tied into our LMS. Though it doesn't seem to restrict content because the member directory is placing content on the page from the BuddyPress plugin rather than the page content being pulled from the loop database like other pages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!