need to download site from wayback machine

A new client that will be getting started with me later today lost his old site due to a developer vanishing. I was able to track down the site on the way back machine. Is there any tool to download a site and its files from the way back machhine? The new site will be put into wordpress:
Here is the site:" target="_blank">

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Corn,

    I hope you're well today!

    There's no way to download complete site from Wayback Machine in a form that would let you upload it to the server and use with WordPress "out of the box". In fact Wayback Machine doesn't provide any tools that would help you download a site from their archive.

    I think however that there may be a workaround. If you do have a Linux/Unix powered computer at hand, you could use command line "wget" tool or PHP "curl" to download archived site. Here's how to do this:

    With "wget"
    - locate the Wayback Machine's "snapshot" (their copy of the site) and copy its URL
    - on your computer create an empty folder
    - in Linux console/terminal switch to that folder
    - in Linux console/terminal issue following command

    wget wayback_archive_url_of_the_site

    replacing "wayback_archive_url_of_the_site" with an URL you previously copied.

    You will however need to repeat that step for each and every sub-page of the site.

    With "curl"

    The basic rule is the same as above except you the command will look a bit different:

    curl wayback_archive_url_of_the_site > index.html

    where again you need to replace "wayback_archive_url_of_the_site" with previously copied URL and each time also replace "index.html" with a name of a file you wish to download particular page to.

    Another way would be to use "HTTrack Website Copier" which is a free program for Windows. It should also be able to download the site from Wayback machine. You will find it here:

    Please note however that regardless of whichever way you choose, site will be downloaded as a bunch of .html files as they are presented in browser. That means that there'll be no widgets or PHP scripts that existed on a site before. It will take a lot of work to convert these downloaded files to proper WordPress templates.

    I hope that helps!
    Best regards,

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