Need to edit the edit-comments section in Wordpress admin - specifics below

Hey everyone!

So, my client had me build a social network of sorts, and there are various users posting and commenting on the site. My client does not want the email addresses or IP addresses of any user to show up in the edit comments section, in the WP admin.

So, when a user comments on a post, the author of the post can go in and approve, edit, delete, etc... When the post author goes into the edit comments section, they can see the email and ip addresses of everyone who has commented. My client wants all of this to be private.

I use Adminimize to control a bunch of capabilities, and I figured out how to utilize Adminimize to remove the email and ip addresses, however, this plugin just HIDES the element according to its id or class ... so, if you go into the source code of that section, you'll still be able to see all of the emails and ips.

What I really need is a way to completely remove these items.

I found out that in wp-admin>includes>class-wp-comments-list-table.php, on lines 509 - 537, this is possible.

public function column_author( $comment ) {
		global $comment_status;

		$author_url = get_comment_author_url();
		if ( 'http://' == $author_url )
			$author_url = '';
		$author_url_display = preg_replace( '|http://(www\.)?|i', '', $author_url );
		if ( strlen( $author_url_display ) > 50 )
			$author_url_display = substr( $author_url_display, 0, 49 ) . '…';

		echo "<strong>"; comment_author(); echo '</strong><br />';
		if ( !empty( $author_url ) )
			echo "<a title='$author_url' href='$author_url'>$author_url_display</a><br />";

		if ( $this->user_can ) {
			if ( !empty( $comment->comment_author_email ) ) {
				echo '<br />';
			echo '<a href="edit-comments.php?s=';
			echo '&mode=detail';
			if ( 'spam' == $comment_status )
				echo '&comment_status=spam';
			echo '">';
			echo '</a>';

HOWEVER, I don't want to hard code this change, because it will be undone after a Wordpress core update.

Does anyone know how I would be able to accomplish this?

Line 525 (comment_author_email_link())
Lines 529 and 534 (comment_author_IP())

The lines above can be commented out with the results I am looking for, but some kind of PHP function/filter would be better.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?