Need to grant access to a specific page that a user wants, for a set period of time.

We initially looked at Pay Per View for this, but it does not offer the functionality we want. It allows you to buy access to one page for one view only, but we need it to offer access to that one page (not the entire site) for six months.

So I spoke with Aaron in Live Member Support, and he recommended Membership as being incredibly powerful and able to do what we want. So I’m checking it out, but I don’t see it being able to do this either.

To recap, we want to offer several of our pages on a pay-per-view basis. The purchaser would get a period of six months from the date of purchase to view only that page, and not the other pages for sale. If someone wanted two pages, they would need to make two separate transactions, and so on.

How can Membership — or Pay Per View — be set up so that people can buy access to just one page for a set period, say six months, rather than the current options?

A quick reply would be so, so appreciated, as we have a meeting soon to discuss our options.

Thanks very much!