Need to hide a product from global shopping page.

I have a multisite network of marketpress stores. The main site does not post products but functions as a display for all the global products. On the store page, I am using the global shortcode to display the network wide product list. I want to allow users(store owners) to purchase advertising space on the home page. I started this project by posting a product where users can purchase space and time on the home page by creating a product on the mainsite. I want to display this product only on a special page titled Promote Your Products. I do not want this product to show up on the global shopping page. I tried displaying product as “hidden” and then used the shortcode [mp_product product id=”1243″] to display this one product on the Promote Your Products page. It looked like it was working as it was displaying on the page but not on the global page. When I clicked on add to cart, it wouldn’t show up in cart. Thinking it has to do with it being displayed as “hidden” Is there a work around for this or another way to have users pay me for advertising space. One final thing: users do not have access to the backend dashboard. I am using tt-frontend marketpress and users only have access to frontend so a plugin that requires users to have access to backend dashboard won’t work for me.