Need to know how to add tracking code for a facebook ad

I am placing an ad in facebook and they have given me a tracking code to add to the page. Here are the instructions:
Copy the code below and paste it between <head> and </head> in the webpage where you want to track conversions.

Here is the code:
<!-- Facebook Conversion Code for Roundtable Event Registrations -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var fb_param = {};
fb_param.pixel_id = '6013188595862';
fb_param.value = '0.00';
fb_param.currency = 'USD';
var fpw = document.createElement('script');
fpw.async = true;
fpw.src = '//';
var ref = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
ref.parentNode.insertBefore(fpw, ref);
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" alt="" style="display:none" src="" /></noscript>

Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance, Linda @iempoweru