Need to move all users to main blog in WPMU site

I recently moved my vbulletin forums and users to wordpress mu/buddypress with bbpress. I got all my users sitting under the network users. They number of members even shows on the member directory on my site. The users come to the site and request a rest of their password which they get and log in with the new password. While on the surface it looks like they are a member of the site, they are not showing up as a user of the main blog/site so they are not able to use some of the functions of the site or show up as having used them.

I currently have 1770 members on the site. Please tell me I am not going to have to add them one by one to the main blog?

  • DavidM

    Hi Rick Lewis!

    Glad I won't have to tell you to add all them users one by one! Take a look at the following two plugins that should make your job much easier!

    Add Existing User lets you easily add users that are already in your database (which appears to be the case in your situation) to a site on your network (in your case the main site).

    And Batch Create lets you add users in a massive batch via an Excel or CSV file.

    Let us know how that works for ya! :slight_smile:


  • Rick Lewis

    I actually tried your first option there and while it lets you add more then one at a time you still have to enter in people account info (email) individually. Then submit the entire page. I have not check the other one but that may be the ticket as I can do up a CSV of the emails for all the users from the database.

    Here is something I am seeing in this though, the users logging in after resetting their passwords and even having me add them still do not seem to be part of the site. A couple have posted and where their names would be links to a users profile page theirs are not. I can't send them a message either. It's like they are there but not there. I suspect this conversion process while on the surface seems like a great thing it is not that good of an idea to merge a bunch of users together with existing users. Or maybe I just have went about it the wrong way.

    Would there be a third option to do a mass change of a specific field in a database table to get them all working properly?

  • Rick Lewis

    UPDATE - I am looking at the batch create and have all my emails in the correct field and ready to go. It says username there but I don't want to add in all those as that would be worse then just adding one email at a time. If I add these are the usernames going to match the ones that are already there ?
    Or is this going to create duplicates with no usernames?

    May be a dumb question but this is called Batch Create and surely I don't want another 1770 users with blank names.

  • DavidM

    Hiya Rick,

    Batch Create will let you add existing users to a site on your network according to username and email, so blank users (users with blank names) wouldn't be created. The example XLS file provides guidance in the file itself too, making things much simpler.

    To further clarify, if existing usernames/emails are used, users will be added to the site in question rather than new users being created. In your case, in your XLS/CSV file you'll want the first two fields set to "null" in order to ensure users get added to the main site.


  • Rick Lewis

    ok so I understand, I would put null in the username field?

    All I have is the email list for all the users. I can get that into the excel sheet.

    The other issue is I have have users already in the WP side.. Do they get overwritten?
    Or will they stay there and the others get added on?

    Then I have the whole issue with marrying these users up with their forum post which is also imported.

    I was thinking all I had to do was convert from phpbb into bbpress and I would have all the users linked to their stuff. Seems like that happens but then they are not linked to the front end of my main site.

    Going to give this batch thing a shot though. Crossing my fingers and toes!!

  • Rick Lewis

    I was about to do this and the third column is the username. Are you saying I can leave that blank??
    I have no clue how I would get all the usernames for the emails and match them up. Surely I don't want to do this and create a bunch of blank usernames. Or am I to believe that it will match the emails to the correct ones ?

    You do know that some of the usernames have spaces and capital letters in them? Those do not work even after I add them to the main site. Converting this has will surely be the death of me.

  • Rick Lewis

    ANOTHER UPDATE and question --
    Ok so lets forget about the above as I just killed the entire process and am inviting them to the site using the invite anyone plug in. Works well. Sort of. I just noticed that none of the people are on the main blog. they are all sitting in the stupid network side.

    Why are the users not part of the main site???

    Is this a normal thing or do I just have some setting or major issue going on?


  • Rick Lewis


    Let me first say it is possible that I am just not understanding the way things work and making it more confusing then it is.

    I have a WPMU with buddypress install.
    When I say network side versus main blog/site I am trying to describe the two areas of the domain itself.

    With this new version of WP they split the admin area up into a network and site.

    When a user registers on my site they show up on the network users list. When I go to the site admin area of my main blog (blog 1) the users are not there.

    The users can do some things on the main blog but until I add them on the main blog they don't show up as a link in the main blog. their names are just text and they have no permissions on the main blog. Users can post comments without moderation but a user who registers and is sitting in the network user list can not. Their posts go to moderation and so on for trying to join groups and other stuff.

    Is what I am describing normal??

    If so then life sucks as no way I want to have to manually add users to the main blog so they can participate on it. That's a full time job with overtime and no pay!

    Is something broken on my site that is causes that to happen?
    If so, any ideas?

    Again, for me this is still a bit new as I am coming from vbulletin as my sites platform. I didn't have all this network admin or site admin thing to content with. People registered and their permissions for the site were set based on the group they were in .Off they went to using the site.

    I appreciate all your help. Hopefully this clears up what is happening and we can get it on track.

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