Need to remove the white bar from the Slider.

I’m using a slider revolution with Background video. When I open the page there is a white bar for a few seconds on the top.

Can you help me remove it?

  • Pawel
    • Staff

    Hello John Paul !

    Hope you're having a good day today!

    I logged in to your site to check the black border issue. Currently it seems that the video was either made private or removed from Vimeo, so I wasn't able to check if I can fix the issue, but I still can give you some tips on possible solutions. Of course, when you make the video available again, we're happy to check it, just please give us a shout.

    I found some settings that may be of help for the issues you showed us in the screenshots. Please check the attached image to see which settings I'm talking about. First, the most important is the check the aspect ratio of the video, as this may be causing the borders to appear – currently it's 16:9, but please check if setting it to 4:3 fixes the issue.

    For optimisations, what is usually done in those situations, is to display a temporary image (usually the first frame of the video) until the video starts to play. If I'm correct, that's the "Poster Image" option.

    There are three more options I'm not sure about as I can't test what they do, but they may be helpful in both fixing the border issue and optimising the loading speed – Image/video from Stream and Force Cover Mode. I suggest playing around with those.

    As for general site optimisation, I'd suggest to do it after all other issues are fixed, as using caches (main way of making pages load faster) will interfere with previewing changes and fixes made to the site. We're happy to assist with that once all the remaining issues have been addressed. I see there are features of Hummingbird and Smush that can be enabled to decrease page load speeds, but as I mentioned, it's best to enable those after all issues are fixed.

    Hope this helps! Please let us know when the header video is available again so we can assist more directly.

    Kind regards,


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