Need to REQUIRE Approval of Users, and notifications not being sent

I'm having a couple major issues with my Membership plug in. BTW, all my subscriptions/access levels are FREE.

1. If someone subscribes, I want an admin (like me) to have to APPROVE them before they can access content. So I set up a Visitor level (can't see protected content); a Request Access level (people should be set to this level after they file out the sign up form); and finally an Approved Subscriber level (people should be set to this ONLY upon approval by the admin as we don't want our competitors to see proprietary content).

So the way it's currently working is that when someone signs up, their access level is being set to Approved Subscriber and they are subscribed to the Members-Only subscription. We need to have an approval step in the process.

Also, the way it currently is working is when someone is an Approved Subscriber, they still are getting the "Sign Up" page and they should be able to navigate directly to the Members Only content.

2. Also, I am not receiving e-mail notifications when someone signs up.

Please help ASAP. Thanks!

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Michelle

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Your "Visitor" level should be set as the "Stranger Access Level" under the General tab in Membership settings.

    Your "Request Access" level should be included in a subscription plan that you select as the "Default subscription for registered users".

    As for new user emails, that is handled by default by WordPress under Settings > General. Please double-check the admin e-mail address, and that "Anyone can register" is checked.

    Now when a user registers, the admin should receive an email and can go to Membership > All Members and move the member from the subscription with your "Request Access" level to the subscription with your "Approved Subscriber" level.

    Finally, please ensure that your "Request Access" level has pretty much the same access rules as your "Visitor" level so they cannot access restricted content until approved.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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