Need to restrict access to all admin pages, only allow front-end page access…

I decided to purchase your plugin membership, but I’m having a problem: I’m trying to offer a free signup (still requiring name/email/info) for users to access front-end pages/menu-items only.

I created an “admin” role, a “member” role, and a “stranger” role. To the “admins” I gave permission to all pages and menu-items, to the “member” role I gave permission to access only certain pages and menu-items, and to the “subscriber” role I gave access to only a front-page, etc.

My problem is that a new test “member” I created has access to the WP admin backend/dashboard. I only want “members” and “strangers” to have access to the front-end of the site at all times, with only a few manually selected “admins” getting access to the WP backend.

I’m not using WPMU for this site. I know there’s got to be an easy enough way to do this that I must be overlooking.

Any thoughts?

  • DavidM
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    Hi dmoz and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    After thinking through this a bit, I just realized this might be very easily done by activating the WP Role Integration Add-on at Membership > Add-ons.

    You could then associate your Member and Access Level with the WordPress Subscriber role and the Admin Access Level with the WordPress Admin user role.

    And from there, I think the following plugin should do the trick of keeping those non-Admin members out of your dashboard.

    How would that work for you?


  • dmoz
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    Hey David,

    Thanks for taking the time for this.

    My dilemma is that I’d rather not send the user to the WP profile page at all. Since built into your membership plugin is an “edit account” section, there isn’t really a need to use the WP one, especially since it’s just another page to completely overhaul css-wise to match my theme.

    I’m using the Login With Ajax plugin ( to take care of not using the WP login page, and I found an option under each users’ “edit” page that allows me to hide the admin bar from them altogether, but the problem still remains of having to manually change this setting for every user, and the risk of someone meandering their way to the dashboard, even if the link to it is technically hidden.

    It appears that many problems people are having with using/customizing the WP login page would be fixed if your plugin took control of the login process, even though some consider it ‘outside the realm of this plugin’. Some “lesser” membership plugins (ahem… take good control of this aspect, as well as an easy way to add registration fields, etc. I had to go with yours for the multiple membership levels, but would love to see some things integrated that the free plugins offer.

    Thanks very much for your quick reply and taking the time out for my problem. I’m open to any other suggestions.

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