Need to setup Membership without using a payment gateway as the client wants to manage this offline

Hi, I need to make a number of pages available to members only. They can can access this information with a user name and password (1 per member). As for the payment the client is handling this off line, do not need the client to do this manually within Membership as they will be receiving cheques or credit card payments (that they will process). The only time they will need to use the plugin is to set the up the new member and generate user name details. If the user name details could be sent through the plugin automatically that would be great otherwise they will do that off line as well. I have watched the Membership tutorial which has a lot of information so I just need to know if this plugin can do this and if so where do I start. I have set up the membership levels 2 in total visitors and standard membership. Just need a little extra assistance, dot points would be greatly appreciated, cheers Kinnear