Need to show "latest post" on indexpage using wpmu


I need to be able to show the latest blog posts from all over the network on the "main page" of a wpmu installation. I am trying to rewrite page builders "latestblog.php" file in an effort to get global posts from all over the network.

I thought that it could be nice to use the "widget recent global post" for some kind of reference. But it only makes me confused.

In the "latestblog.php" the following is written.

function block($instance) {

global $post, $paged, $wp_query;
if (empty($paged)) { $paged =(get_query_var('page')) ? get_query_var('page') : 1; }
$col_width = aq_get_column_width($size);

is this the code I´ll have to change in order to get global posts loaded?

I hope you understand what i mean, im quite unexperienced, sorry for that.

Thank you!