Need to unhook the GSE plugin from over-writing default WP search box

Hi folks

trying to ‘optimize’ use of the GSE plugin for one of our sites (not multisite, but our corp. portal). Basically we’re having the search results load on the theme search page. However the plugin is a bit messy when making search box on single/template pages as it adds a number of js calls (and even got an adsense call when we don’t use AdSense and are using PAID version of CSE ad-free), with simple search box. Plugin ALSO fully over-rides the default WP search box (if we don’t use the widget for plugin), by adding all the Google JS which is not needed. So, I basically just put in a dumb search box in text field to get the ‘clean’ iteration. Ideally however, the plugin should *not* over-ride the default WP search box for those who don’t need all the js loaded from Google on EVERY page of the site (!),. Bad for speed, optimization and bloats the page size/time. In a perfect world,. what we’d love to have is *only* the code active which does the internal redirect to the WP > search to > GSE, and NOTHING else, since that also works wonderfully with a normal URL search via browser window, which ultimately is all we really want. Hope that made sense.

If nothing, else a filter to disable the over-write of WP default search would help! If not possible we’ll just roll our own, and then ponder perhaps extracting just the functions from plugin that do the GSE redirect (hint: would make good how-to for blog post!). Basically the redirect to the GSE is the magic trick for us.

– or, section of plugin code I can delete (we have no issue hacking code/core, as this is our corp site, not client project, and all auto updates and WPMU main plugin OFF after reg/auth.). THANKS :slight_smile: