Need widget tutorial for my blog

Hi, I have now spent hours trying to sort out and setup this plugin seamlessly, no such luck! Normally I can look at any issues and figure it out, not with Membership. I have a zillion questions but let's go with just 1 for now:

I'm want to set a subscribe widget in the sidebar of my blog. (I have a blog, not a website) I can see in 'Appearance>>Widgets' there is 'membership level text & membership login widget & membership subscription text' but I can't find any detailed tutorials on how to set them up....correctly. Can you point me in the right direction for help files?

An observation; Tutorials and the usage PDF are really good and presented by a knowledgeable person and aimed at people with some existing knowledge. As for grass roots novices like me, there is a lot of detail missing from the videos and PDF. Missing details means major headaches!

Tomorrow is another day.