Need your advice on site architecture

Okay, so here is the plan now that I have tested both Marketpress and Membership working together on the same site. I'd like to get feedback on the multisite plan.

6 Sites:
1 Main Blog
1 Protected Store ("Store Z")
4 Regular Stores ("Stores A, B, C and D")

2 Membership Levels:
(Stranger access is set to "Free")

Install and configure a WP Multisite.
Install Marketpress and Network activate.
Install Membership and Network activate.

Set Membership Permissions:
Access to Stores A, B, C and D is granted to both Free and Paid subscribers. Access to Store Z is granted to Paid subscribers only.

Main Goal:
Isolate the Paid Subscriber content to just one site, but allow Strangers and Free Subscribers the ability to purchase all products in the "unprotected" network.

Main Questions:

1. Do you expect there will be any issues with registering users and granting access in this scenario?

2. Do you expect any problems with global checkout, especially for Paid Subscribers who may add items to Cart from the protected store and the regular stores?

3. Any other suggestions or feedback?

Thanks in advance,

  • ThePath

    Hi Mark,

    Seems fine, to answer your questions I would say no.

    There should be no issues registering users, they get access to whatever you set them via membership.

    The paid members have access to everything so the global cart should work fine.

    I would say remember and offer teasers for the free members so they are enticed to be paid members (this should be a main goal).

    As far as Im aware you can simply restrict access to whole blogs on the network....which would be useful, especially in your case to protect store z. How where you planning on doing this?


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    Thank you for giving other people ideas of what is possible using choice plugins from WPMU Dev.

    Because you are custom developing and not following any strict path which in fact is the intentional bonus these plugins allow you to do, not cookie cutter so to speak, I cannot say you are right or wrong but I can say that the plan looks good.

    I will leave this ticket open for further member comment.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark

    @Joe, thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile:

    @ThePath, I think you honed in on where I'm having conceptual trouble. As it stands, do you think I will be to register users on the network but block the free users from specific pages, posts and content on Store Z by using access controls in the Store Z admin? Or will I be limited to blocking the blog entirely under the access level controls in the network admin? The thing I want to avoid is having a separate user registration for Store Z. I need to have network users be able to go through Marketpress checkout and access Membership areas using the same account.

  • ThePath

    Hi Mark,

    Well I suppose it really comes down to your structure a bit.

    Whos to say you necessarily need store A, B ,C, D and Z.

    Why couldnt you use categories to structure the stores.

    So essentially you have one store and have categories: A,B, C, D and Z and sub categories of proper things like tshirts, or electronics etc.

    Perhaps having multiple stores just because you can is over complicating things and actually creating more work?

    It would certainly make protecting the content easier as I know you can make certain categories available only to certain users.

    Does that make there a specific reason you really need "seperate" stores?

  • Mark

    Sleep is where the eureka moments often come.

    I neglected to mention that I had some custom work done on MarketPress which allows me to configure a different instant commission for each store and for each product. Even though the individual product commissions can be different, I can't alter the Chained Payment recipient per product. That is tied to the store owner. So the chained payment recipient granularity ends at store level while chained payment commission granularity goes all the way to product level.

    Your idea to have it configured by Category instead of Store is a great idea, and I wish I had thought of that when I was ordering the custom work. However, the way I have it set up now will allow independent store owners to be admins if they so desire. It's possible I will get someone who will sell a lot of products instead of just a few.

  • ThePath

    Crivvvvens what a terrible sleep I had, hehe dont worry nothing to do with your ponderings, just bad hayfever and being to hot.

    OK so you just have to use multistores.

    Right well the issue is this then:

    Membership has to be a seperate entity on each store/blog. So each store/blog installs membership from the network plugin repository and will have its own settings. You could make these settings the same so that the levels share the same shortcodes etc. That way the only issue is once a user registers on one store they are automatically registered on all the there is a plugin that does this here on WPMU Dev but Im not sure if it links in with membership.

    Yes it seems I was right:

    I cant find the plugin but you can add users from one blog to another but then you would have to manually add the to membership.

    OK re-reading your initial post its only really store Z that needs to have membership installed. So thats cool. You could re-route all signups to store Z so they either signup for free or go paid. Then use the plugin to register them on all the other store/blogs on the network????

    Ah I found a plugin but its not from here (which I thought there was one here):

    Sorry I rambled a bit there. It would be good I think if we had a demo site to play about with this you have one? Id be happy to help you out with setup etc see if we can nail it.

  • Mark

    Hi Path,

    Thanks for the thoughtful posts. Points coming your way.

    That's what I was afraid of ... that users won't be able to "hop around" from site to site with ease and no monitoring on the part of the admin.

    I found out something interesting about Membership which may be a solution. Dunno because I haven't tested it yet. (I have a lot of test environments to set up it seems!). @Barry told me about a way to "globalize" Membership. It has some limitations and possibly quirky behavior, but it might work.

    Thanks for your offer to assist, I may very well take you up on that! It looks like I need to get busy setting up some test environments first. If any other ideas come to your mind, please share. I'd rather try to solve this conceptually first before laboring through trial and error.

    Much appreciated,

  • ThePath

    Awesome that thread looks very promising! If you did it that way then you could do it on a per category basis long as they have the same ID.

    I like that Idea the most. If it were me I would go down that road first of all and see what "quirks" if any appear. That way you can try iron them out and if it doesnt work go down another avenue.

    If Barry's solution doesnt work then I would head down the road of just having membership installed on Store Z and force user registration on all other blogs.

    So its not to bad. Setup two test environments and do each setup and see which one you are most comfortable with, which is easiest, which is the most flexible etc.

    But yeh its one of those problems you just have to tinker with. Sometimes to much conceptulising just confuses things further, I think you have two good concepts to bodge around in and come up with a solution.

    Yeh just shout on this thread if you want my help setting up and/or testing.

    thanks for the points dude :wink:

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