Need your advice on site architecture

Okay, so here is the plan now that I have tested both Marketpress and Membership working together on the same site. I’d like to get feedback on the multisite plan.

6 Sites:

1 Main Blog

1 Protected Store (“Store Z”:wink:

4 Regular Stores (“Stores A, B, C and D”:wink:

2 Membership Levels:



(Stranger access is set to “Free”:wink:


Install and configure a WP Multisite.

Install Marketpress and Network activate.

Install Membership and Network activate.

Set Membership Permissions:

Access to Stores A, B, C and D is granted to both Free and Paid subscribers. Access to Store Z is granted to Paid subscribers only.

Main Goal:

Isolate the Paid Subscriber content to just one site, but allow Strangers and Free Subscribers the ability to purchase all products in the “unprotected” network.

Main Questions:

1. Do you expect there will be any issues with registering users and granting access in this scenario?

2. Do you expect any problems with global checkout, especially for Paid Subscribers who may add items to Cart from the protected store and the regular stores?

3. Any other suggestions or feedback?

Thanks in advance,