Needed to delete Custompress for speed and viewing

I tried very hard not to, but I ended up deleting Custompress. Why? Because the archive for each of my CPTs rendered without styles for the main content areas. Because custom post types aren't showing archive pages for custom taxonomies / tags & categories.

I'm ready to do the same on 2 other sites I have been trying to get off the ground for literally years.

I'm frustrated beyond belief with WPMUDev plugins. The plugins only work as expected when using WPMUDev themes, or the default themes such as Twenty Sixteen. I'm sorry but this just isn't a "solution".

Some things that would help alleviate these issues include:

A list of themes WPMUDev plugins are tested with that function as desired.
Ground-up configuration utilities for each-plugin that walk you through setup step by step. The videos and how-to instructions are VERY generic and do not account for the novice or time-constrained users.

While support has been helpful, the responders have made a habit of using the "turn it off and on again" method as the go to answer for every single bug I try to get support on. It's a little irritating and somewhat insulting, given that I have been submitting issues for about 2 years now... so a bit of a history check is in order when you prepare to respond to a complaint or support request. If you see someone is an account holder for a year or so, and has submitted a few support tickets, then it's safe to say they've already tried the standard troubleshooting methods. Maybe it's not safe to say that for everyone, but most people tend to do what they know how to do first, then seek support.

I have submitted around 6 tickets for problems with plugins that simply should not exist. There are portions of these plugins which completely lack development and leave me with a headscratching sense of "whaddafuq". Your plugins are not cheap, and for the price I've paid and continue to pay, I would expect a more thoroughly developed tool than this. What do I mean? Well here's a an example...

There are a million (not really, but it's more than a page) settings for creating a new CPT in Custompress. Each of these settings has a specific purpose and use... and frankly I don't know what 9/10 of them do! The only way I was able to learn what some of them do is by turning them on, then off, then on, then off and seeing if I notice any changes in my posts / archives. This is not a solution! There needs to be a vast change in how descriptions are written and displayed for plugins like this. That, OR levels of experience need to be assessed for each plugin. If greater knowledge of Wordpress is required to operate the plugin, then that plugin should be labelled accordingly. This way a novice-to-intermediate user like myself doesn't get completely flustered. Make no mention of the menu icon box, which is a mere slight pain in the ass. You have to copy and paste the entire URL for your icon, instead of getting the media box selector for stuff in your library. It's been that way since I started using the plugin...

Yeah so I don't know what the endpoints are for, or what a lot of the other stuff does... but a simple way of solving that is for someone to create a handful of animated gifs showing before and after screenshots (cropped to the affected areas) of the differences between it being off and on. Or at least SOME level of elaboration in novicespeak for those of us who don't live on the keyboard.

I'm sorry that this turned into more of a rant than a support request... but in the last 2 years I have been faced with a zillion problems which all amount to deficiencies in your plugins.

These are not superhero tools guys. It's not a superhero tool when it doesn't work out of the box, and it requires your average user to turn into a developer to fix it.

Caption this: "they don't always work, but when they do, they don't have all of the features you want, and if they do, they slow down your site until it's useless."

  • Nithin

    Hi david_bixler,

    Sorry to know that you were having issues with the plugin, what CustomPress plugin does is create as many custom post types, fields & taxonomies, the plugin just offers an user interface for creating such settings as defined by WordPress, other than that there isn't any settings that can slow down a website.

    Default WordPress themes are based on the latest WordPress coding standards, our plugins follow these guidelines to make sure it's compatible with themes based on these codex. If you find the plugin working on a default theme, and the same settings doesn't work on another theme, the issue is more with the theme not following the WordPress standards.

    I do get that other than following the default settings, the plugin can get tricky when it comes to creating custom posts from scratch, people may find it difficult to follow if they don't know how Custom Post Type works. If you find yourself stuck, you could always use our support forum to get your queries answered quickly, we are here to help. :slight_smile:

    These settings(millions) what you see are part of the WordPress codex in building a Custom Post Type, you can find description about what each settings does in the codex. But people may find it difficult to follow, if they are new to all these. As you did mention each settings has their own specific purposes, it's pretty hard to give one set of solutions for it to make it work when it comes to creating CPTs from scratch.

    Would like to know how other members find this plugin, the more +1 your thread gets, the more it will be considered for implementation.

    Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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