Needing to Change the Main font colour in gridmarket.

I have been working on my website using gridmarket and have been incredibly happy with the outcome so far minus one little glitch (I guess you could call it). In the theme options, it allows you to select a variety of different custom colours which give a lot of customisation to the site. One particular custom colour option is “Main Colour”. This controls the main font colour, and header wrapper colour. To have my site looking like it should, my header wrapper colour needs to be white or #FFFFFF so it ties in with my white background and white logo (essentially looking like there is no header wrapper) but this also means that my main font colour is white or #FFFFFF which means you cannot see it. Obviously I cant leave it this way or my clients will not be able to navigate through my website or see my product titles so I was wondering if this is easy to alter or if someone could take a look at it for me. My websites url is

Regards, Ashleigh

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