Negative number of answers appearing in Q&A

hi - i'm seeing a negative number of answers in my Q&A Questions page for a particular question

not sure how this happened.. i think i may have deleted either a user how had answered this question .. or maybe just deleted an answer .. but either way it seems like the plugin should just display this as 0 answers rather than -1 :slight_smile:

any thoughts?

see attached screenshot


  • DavidM

    Hi locomo,

    Thanks for reporting that, I'm testing a few things out to see how it all works when deleting users. The Answers should never be at negative amounts so I'll see what I can find and report that to the developers.

    While you can fix that negative amount in the database, to save from having to find the value in the database, you might be able to just delete and recreate the question, assuming it's not already receiving traffic.


  • DavidM

    Alright, I've tested it further and if you delete (Trash and then Delete Permanently) the Answer from the back-end, it yields that negative result.

    However, as long as everything's done from the front-end, it should work just fine.

    As a quick fix, you can create a new Answer in the front-end and then from that same front-end area, select to Delete that Answer. That should reset the value to the proper number.

    It's really just deleting it from the back-end that seems to cause the issue as far as I've tested. Could you have a look at that?