negative rules don't change after login and don't work for product page


I have a problem with the membership plugin.

I'd like to set a private website with woocommerce : or
basic infos : FOR EVERYBODY

but the page product (shop page) and subdirectories :
it is the shop page, just for LOGGED IN PEOPLE.

I've created =
One access level : called "Visitors"
I have added the negative rule with URL Group :
I tried several things or regular expressions... It's ok, I can block what I want.

I setup Stranger access --> "Visitor" Level.
In options, I setup redirect the protected content to an account page where we can login and register (and lost password)

The problem is once logged in, negatives rules still working. I can't access to the rest of the website.

I spent a lot of time and I think there is a problem... I tried many many things, with positive, new access level with positive.., ....but nothing works.


Before URLs group, I tried negative rules with pages ticked for Visitors level :

1 : negative rules still working after login.
2 : negative rules with pages ticked for the shop page doesn't work.

Is there a problem with the negative rules for a simple access logged / notlogged
Is there a problem with the rights on some pages, like archive pages ? (I don't really know what is archive but I know that the product page it is quite archive that is not really a page .?

Please tell me if I badly worked.