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I have the latest versions of Nelo and Membership plugin installed. I can't seem to figure out how to add a login dialog on the page. If I go into Theme Options and enable "Show a login panel and logged in users profile?:" it gives me the standard WP login not one related to Membership. I suspect this is an obvious problem I just can seem to figure it out.


  • thinklever
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    Hi Barry,

    Nelo is the theme I am using. OK so if enable the login dialog in the theme. The "Create New Account" link points to standard WP registration which is disabled per the instructions of the Memberhsip Plugin instructions. there a fix for this scenario or do I need to hack this login dialog to point to memebrship subscription page? I was thinking that since both the theme and the plugin came from WPMU they would play nicely together.

  • thinklever
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    Self-solved....I hacked /wp-content/themes/wpmu-nelo/profiles.php to get this to work. Replace the URL for the "Create New Account" link with a hardcoded path to my Membership Plugin registration page.

    This works but I'm still open for the correct answer.

  • DavidM
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    Hi thinklever,

    That actually would be the correct way to do it. The theme wouldn't expect the login to be other than the WordPress default, so the best thing to do is hard-code the link as such.

    Glad that worked for you, but I'll mention this to the theme developer to take a look at a possible workaround given the circumstance.


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