Nelo issues and questions

I'm using Nelo on a single blog (not MU or BP) and I had a couple of questions.

First, actually addresses most the themes I've used and that is, why are there no size recommendations for photos? Even with the resize and crop features, it helps to know what the optimum size is.

Second, when I try to crop a picture within the custom homepage, the box continues to adjust down until its nearly not there. Once it drops to a smaller size, I can't make it bigger again. That has required me to re-upload a picture several times.

Third, I have the settings set to list 3 blog posts, and 4 are being listed on the home page.

Fourth, under the boxes, only the center box is pulling posts from the category. I've checked the other (left and right) and the links are correct and there are posts in the categories, but they aren't listed.

If you need to see the site it's:

Any help on these questions/issues will be appreciated.