Nelo Theme Option Request

I have a request for what would be a major improvement (for me) on the wp-Nelo theme.

In the Appearance > Custom Homepage section, right at the bottom of the page there is a "delete all text and images" button. Its like having a website destruct button and having accidently clicked it once I don't want to do so again.

It is easy enough to delete each section individually if deletion is required. At least is it possible for a big red warning sign to spring up saying "Are you sure you want to delete your entire front page" with a cancel option of course.

  • Mason


    Thanks for the feedback. This has been discussed recently on the forums here as well. Right now, all our theme developers are focused on upgrades that have already been planned and some really sweet new themes as well. I'll mark this so that they can take a look, but they are pretty full up at the moment!

    Your feedback is appreciated though and we will take note (especially as more chime in on this). Thanks again!