'neowordpress.wp_nbt_templates_categories' doesn't exist


I just upgraded to the last version (v2.0) of the new blog template plugin and now, when I open the blog template main page on the network dashboard menu, it causes a mysql error that I can see in my logs (even if the template seams to work fine):

[20-Sep-2013 15:31:19] Erreur de la base de données WordPress Table 'neowordpress.wp_nbt_templates_categories' doesn't exist pour la requête SELECT rel.cat_id ID, cat.name, cat.description, cat.is_default
FROM wp_nbt_templates_categories cat
INNER JOIN wp_nbt_categories_relationships_table rel ON rel.cat_id = cat.ID
WHERE rel.template_id = 1 faite par require_once('wp-admin/admin.php'), do_action('toplevel_page_blog_templates_main'), call_user_func_array, blog_templates_main_menu->admin_options_page, NBT_Templates_Table->prepare_items, blog_templates_model->get_template_categories

I think the problem is due to the fact that the plugin does not take into account my personal table prefix (which is not "wp_").