Nest shortcode in another shortcode

I want to nest a shortcode into the [map] shortcode that comes as part of the google maps plugin. It might be more appropriate to say this is a shortcode used as a parameter in another shortcode. I'll try to explain below.

Like so:
[map id="meta value for agm_map_created"]

Where the "meta value from agm_map_created" is represented by a shortcode like [meta data]

[map id="[meta data]"]

All i get is "] because the shortcode terminates on the wrong closing bracket.

I have looked and saw a curly bracket approach like

[map id="{meta value for agm_map_created}"]
sometimes works, but it did not work for me.

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Perhaps there is easier way to reference meta data from within a post without using a shortcode?

Thank you,