Network Activate Should Not Be Required

This trend of needing to network activate wpmu dev plugins is disconcerting. Marketpress, ultimate faceboook, etc..
I don't want to have a facebook menu on blogs of clients who have not paid for me to set them up with a facebook sync...
I don't want clients who have not paid for a shopping cart solution to have the marketpress menu hanging out tempting them to play with it... etc.

How about instead of network activating them, we activate them on the primary blog, and on the appropriate sub-blog? could this work?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Erik,

    That's understandable. There's been at least a few plugins like the Domain Mapping plugin that include Supporter specific features to allow you to use the plugin as a Supporter feature and I think that's the ultimate goal with network plugins here.

    That said, as some plugins don't provide that integration, the Admin Menu Editor can always be used to customize the menus so they only show up where you want them to.

    I'll mention this to a few other folks over here though, for further consideration.

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • Erik
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    thank you for that, but the idea that I would install a wpmu dev plugin, network activate it, then run through every sub blog (except a few dozen) and remove the menu item is an unreal proposition..

    Yah, its important to remember that not everyone is building edublogs.. Some of us just create client sites on subblogs and use MU to control our networks. So things like 'supporter' are impractical because I may choose to charge one client a higher rate for hosting, and another may have deals for seo or tech support. so whmcs handles all that for me.

    An alternate solution, such as activating it blog by blog as well as the primary blog (in order to activate the /wp-admin/network/ plugin options menu) is the most practical.

  • Mason
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    Hiya Erik,

    This trend of needing to network activate wpmu dev plugins is disconcerting. Marketpress, ultimate faceboook, etc..

    Oh, don't forget how things were 18 months ago :wink: For a company that started by building multisite-specific plugins, we've come a rather long way :smiley:

    That being said, we're always looking at ways to go further. MarketPress, for instance, should have no difficulty being installed on individual sites - no need to network activate. Just individually activate it on the sites you want (including the main site if ya like).

    Some plugins work a bit differently (such as domain mapping) and must be loaded network-wide. In the case of Ultimate Facebook it is limited to one domain (and unlimited subdomains) this means you can't use it with domain mapping (which is probably what you'd want to do on a typical sub-site-for-each-client setup). So though we give you either network activate - or just use on a single-install, that's really the only context where it's useful.

    Is there another plugin that you're having difficulty with?


  • Erik
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Quick question about the ultimate facebook plugin and domain mapping. (ignoring facebook signup and login). say I want facebook auto posts on 2 subblogs that i have domain mapped

    could I do this?:
    -Use fb plugin individual api settings and create an app for each mapped subblog to post to their respective page.
    -create a facebook app for subblog1 with site url of
    -log in to facebook as the owner of subblog1's facebook account and grant permissions (at subblog1 fb plugin options page).
    -log back into facebook as me, the developer. create a new app for subblog2 and set site url to,
    -log out of fb, then back in as the fb usr account of the owner of subblog2, grant permissions (on subblog2 fb plugin options page) to their fb page and set auto post.

    So it seems like a lot of work creating an app for each subblog and setting their url, but can i do this to allow it to work on mapped domains?

  • Mason
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    Hiya guys,

    I'm not clear on the specifics of what works/doesn't work on the Ultimate Facebook plugin. It's a bit off-topic for this thread, but I've asked the developer to clarify the domain mapping setup for all of us. He or I will respond here with an answer for ya.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Although in multisite environment you can network activate the Ultimate Facebook plugin, there should be no problems in doing what you outlined and just individually activating it only on sites you want.

    As for domain mapped sites, the plugin should be able to handle them without issues, provided each mapped site has its properly set up Facebook app. Like you said, you create a Facebook app for each domain mapped site (the most important thing is to set up your apps with proper URLs for each site) and enter the details of each app in your corresponding blog settings.

    Some of the Ultimate Facebook features rely on extended permissions to be set up in the plugin settings (most notably, Autoposting and, to an extent, Comments), so if you want to set them up properly you'll want to grant the extended permissions while being logged into Facebook with the account you intend to use with them.

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