Network Admin Panel - Filter Out Banned Users Somehow?

Hello All,
I am having trouble finding an easy way to filter out banned users. For instance, let's say I ban someone but it was done in error and I need to reinstate them. I go to the Network Admin Panel > Users and then I have to go through 122 pages of user names. It's like finding a needle in the haystack.

The purpose is not to find a specific user, rather all users who were banned on the network.

I guess I am looking for a filter that I can apply like they have at the top of the user page where it says "All" and "Super Admin". I'd like to see "Banned" and be able to see a list of anyone who was banned.

I work in a school district and if a student was banned for whatever reason, at the end of the year we'd like to reinstate everyone so that they can start fresh next year.

FYI: We have Multisite and Buddypress enabled.

Any suggestions as to how we could do this?
Thank you!