Network Admin Plugin Settings Viewable by All Admins

Great Plugin!
I did have an issue when I first installed it though. After installing and then Network Activating, I went to Network Admin > Settings > WPMU DEV Videos. I looked around and muttered "Cool!" to myself, then went to look for the interface to watch a video.
At first I couldn't find it (left all settings stock so the menu item was in the Dashboard parent menu item. I thought something was amiss so I logged out as Super Admin and logged in as another "regular" admin.
Turns out that all admins could access the plugin settings (Settings > WPMU DEV Videos) for this new plugin (not good). As a regular admin I changed the location of the menu item from Dashboard to Support System. Decided I liked Dashboard better so changed it back. (regular admins should not have been able to do this)
Now only the Super Admin has access to the Network settings. So it looks like if you install and network activate the plugin and don't at least go to the settings as the Super Admin and hit the Save Changes button, the above may happen.