NetWork display limits

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the number of display boxes the NetWork theme maxes out at on any one page. I ask because I need it to display at least 6,000 boxes, and I don’t want to make 6,000 test post. If anyone can direct me to the code location inside the Network theme where I can adjust this setting that would be great. Thank You. Have a Great weekend!

  • Arun Basil Lal


    We are talking about posts (as boxes) here, right? Not widgets I hope.

    I had a quick chat with the developer and the theme as such shouldn't be a problem here, but depending on your server it might take too long, or on some shared hosts, you might exceed the max. resource limit.

    Why do you want to display 6000 on one page? Even if you manage to show all those 6000 posts, from a usability pov, it would suck.

    Curious to know more about the idea :slight_smile:_

  • Mark Wallace

    Hi Arun
    Good to hear from you again! Hope all is well with you!
    I’ll just explain what I am doing so maybe you can offer another option. I am using Gravity Forms for contest entries, 15 categories of Pictures and two categories of text entries under 355 characters each. I am using the thumbs up/down for votes. I am using icons to represent the contest categories on the front page. They will lead to the actual viewing of each category. Each category will have 6,00o entries. They can be on separate pages using the “number of post to display per page”. Sorry I wasn’t clear on that. But I need to change Network form 4 columns to 5 columns, and how to get the pictures to show up only for category at a time. Not all the categories mixed together. So all pet photo’s would be on one set of pages, car photos would be on a separate page, etc… So if you could get me to the place where I can adjust the columns from 4 to 5 columns, and explain how to make each page feed from only one category that would be great. Thanks Arun. Hey have you worked with Gravity Forms? If you like I can set you up on a subdomain and give you an admin u/n & p/w to play around with it. This offer is open to all the staff if you would tell them. I’ve noticed a few people have unanswered questions about GF. Thanks again.

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