Network Media Library Accessible By Users of All Sites on A MS Network


What would be required to have a common media library of folders that all admins of all sites on a MS network could access to use those images?

We would like to create a library of customized and branded header images, etc for various themes and store them in such a way that all admins of all sites on the network could access those pre-configured images to use in their sites.

We would create multiple folders of images that are all correctly sized for particular themes and perhaps name the folders so they refer to the theme the images are designed to fit in. Then in the admin area we would like admins on each site to be able to access the common media library so they could upload images to their theme and/or site posts etc. from the common media library.

We considered just implementing such a common libary using images stored in Flickr, Picassa web albums, etc. but restricting and managing access would be a pain and we prefer the content live on our server, so it we could integrate it, that would be powerful and enable one graphic artist to serve many sites easily and create a library of images content easily accessible to all site admins on a network.

Is this something WPMUDEV would consider developing or should I put it out to Freelancers?

Phil D