Network Member / Site Member

I am starting project and need to confirm whether or not a network member is automatically a member of every site on the network.

Here are two scenarios:

A. Member joins through WPMU's Membership plugin.

B. Member joins through one of the sites in the network.

My question considering the above is would the member be considered a member for every site on the network. If so, then if the member visits a different site on the network and that site say offers free listings for members – would this member be able to post a free listing? Based on, that they are a member that joined though a different network site.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Sean.

    When a member registers they don't specifically get an account on each website, but they do get a pseudo subscriber access so they should be able to comment on other blogs in the network and be seen as a subscriber.

    So they would be logged in for all as a subscriber role.

    Perhaps setting a new default role for registrations might help here with a role editor type plugin:

    Take care.

  • Sean
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Timothy,

    I am pretty sure all they need to be is a subscriber, I am confirming that know with the theme developer based on your response. That plugin looks absolutely awesome! I don't have a lot of points but I am sending you one for an excellent response and the great suggestion. Thank you!


  • Steven
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I'd like to second the plugin recommendation for user-role-editor.

    What's great about it (and I haven't found this in any other role editor plugin) is that is has network wide roles. If you update the role on your main site (the one you installed multisite on), it will update that role on every single network site.

    I tested this with the gravity forms user registration plugin, and it worked brilliantly. I like to fine tune my roles so I created a basic role called "member" that anyone gets assigned when they create/register a site. If I ever need to update the capabilities I just jump into the user role editor plugin and I'm all set.

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