Network of Multisites with Domain Mapping

I'm using WP Multi Network (obviously, a non-WPMUDev supported plugin) to try and get a Network of Multisites running. I'm using WPMUdev's Domain Mapping plugin, and so far everything is working nicely. I have as my home-base Multisite installation, and, as child Multisite instances.

The only minor issue I'm encountering is that the homepage of first site on each child Multisite points somewhere differently. For example, when I click to go to homepage for I get redirected to: http://domain_current_site/ however any child sites I create in the work fine, and even the pages on site 1 resolve fine:

Any clues, or if you can point me in right direction. It is appreciated! I know it is kind of uncharted waters with Network of Multisites, but I feel like I'm sooo close! :wink: