Network Searches

> Global Site Search

> Network theme

– Latest version WP/WP Network

– No Buddy Press, or Child themes

– Extensions, not sub-domains ( etc. example)

– Fresh install of WP

– Great servers we’ve been using for 10 years

Although I appreciate the ease of most plugins, I’ve found complete frustration attempting to accomplish any type of “network wide” site search of, …anything across the network of 8 sites.

First, I and my assistant have spent days, not hours. We certainly must be missing something, but we have read all related installation and forum comments relating to both, “Global Site Search”, and “Network” theme.

All individual website Search works perfectly.

New posts, old posts, post titles, content, tags, …no matter what, they say “Sorry, cant’ find keyword…”.

We really believed that either “Network” or “Global Site Search” would function out of the box when we joined. The “network search” was the primary lead to the WPMU site.

We are so very delayed now on the project and we expected a “piece of cake solution”. What are we missing? How do I get a network search of “posts” or “key words” to function on either of these?

Thanks so very much for a solution.