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For a multisite like edublog, we plan to manage several sites for professional creatives without loosing performance and speed.What would be the ideal settings:
-Max upload file size for images
-Site upload space
Considering that our target clients are fashion industry professionals and brands with possibility to host e commerce shops.
So they really need great visual content and performance.
Thanks in advance for your remarkable support!

  • Patrick

    Hiya @HitchB

    First of all, let me say you're welcome for the remarkable support :slight_smile:

    Max upload file size should be kept as small as possible. The smaller the individual files, the more they can upload. I would recommend polling your potential users to find out what their needs are before setting limits on them.

    They will likely be a gold-mine of information to help you set things up to meet their needs. But you would need to balance the needs of those hosting their sites (such as photographers who will probably want the best resolution possible, thus large files) with the needs of those visiting the sites (such as agents looking for models on their mobile devices, thus not so big file sizes).

    Site upload space would go hand-in-hand with the above. However, you can offer incremental increases in upload space with a plugin like Pro Sites:

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • HitchB

    Hi Patrick!

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Your suggestions are pertinent. Our client balance between a major part of corporate and creative brand sites and less major part of artists and photographers.Our major clients require at least a slider, background photo and animations not big size images as photographers. The other major part is comprised of pro bloggers and publishers, so they don't need also very big size images. So, there's a small part of clients (photographers) who will require more image resources. We're not targeting models/photographers sites as this is not our business from start. Our major target is business owners, brands, bloggers and consultant individuals, but all are in the creative business. So they care a lot about aesthetic and visual content.

    So, I don't know what would be the ideal settings if you can give a range?

  • Patrick

    Hey @HitchB

    Default WordPress settings should be quite sufficient in that scenario.

    Site upload space = 100Mb
    Max upload file size = 1500kb

    1500kb is more than enough for max upload file size if your users are only uploading images and maybe docs. If they will be uploading video/audio, or a huge quantity of images, you'll likely want to consider offering them upgrade packages with more space using something like our Pro Sites plugin.

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