Network Super Admin no longer super admin?


I just went through the process of creating some sites so that I can use the new-blog-template plug in to set up 4 key theme and plugin configurations, as was instructed by WPMU staff.

I created them all as new sites, and used my same ( multisite super admin ) so that no new user would be created.

So I logged into one to define the theme and plugins, so that I could make them " templates" for future subscribers to select on sign up and have all of the plugins ready to go, and keeping the FULL list of CONFLICTING plugins out of general circulation breaking every and any multisite sites.

As requested by the support staff.

But LO! No permision to set theme. But LO! no plugin access, "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."

Back to network admin

but LO! no network admin access anymore.

what tha FUCK?
I'm completley lost.
What did I do wrong. and once again, where is the step by step instrucions on how to set up a mutli site liek EDUBLOGS or WORDPRESS that WPMUDEV advertises.

All of your tutorials and manuals are single plugin in specific and state that the plugins are " made to work" with your other plugins.

Why is it then that I can not find a comprehensive game plan on the order to set up the plugins, like PRoSites then Membership then New Blog Templates, or some such top level direction on how to do this?

It shold really not be this impossible, especually since all of your advertizing boasts that this is what this platform is designed to allow users to accomplish.

So once again, and hopefully for the last time, ( do not send me to compartmentalized instructions on singular plugins, that is not workging! ) where can I find, easy to follow, STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to set up an EDUBLOG like or like NETWORK that explains the step by step ( NOT COMPARTMENTALIZED AND CHAOTIC PIECE BY PIECE IN NO ORDER WHATSOEVER) plan to successfully set up a network with subscribers to have thier own sites, using theme packages with discreetp plugins that are not network wide available creating a crashing and burning to the ground network?

I really don't want to reinstall multisite from scratch for a 4th time just to learn that I was supposed to do it in a paricular way.

as it is, my super network admin is LOCKED OUT of the network admin so I see no other option but to start from SCRATCH again. This is almsot week 4 of this and I feel like I am no closer to getting this project moving forward than I did on Day 1.

Please help.

This is very frustrating.

Also my WPMUEDEV dashboard is gone. So I can not allow WPMUDEV access. I have to delete the whole site and start again from scratch!