Network Theme Clear Instructions


I've gone through the instructions several times but it seems very hard with out php knowledge for some one who simply wants to buy and make it work to the point what it says. aka. configuration instructions are incomplete and not clear.

I have Multiple Sites (Wordpress MU) and all I am trying to display the latest post ; post count and posted date on the main site home page with post's image. Main site is using this Network theme and all other sites are using different theme.

I've installed an "network activated" network theme on the main site. It not showing any information from other sites. After activating the network theme , I created test posts on other sites which are not displayed on the main site home page. Only posts created on the main site are showing up on the main site home page.

2ndly, Under Network Theme Settings --> Advance Options: I see all other Sites are listed under "Exclude these blogs from the featured display". I dont want these to be excluded. How can I tell the theme?

We have also tried uploading other sites theme into Network Theme "child" folder but that did not make any difference.

Please help.