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Can Gravity forms be used to auto post pictures that would be displayed in the Network theme, and I would like to add a voting system for each picture/post. It could be a “like or the thumbs up thumbs down” type of vote. Thank you!

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings MTB1701,

    Can Gravity forms be used to auto post pictures

    What pictures are you referring to?

    Great question though I do not know the answer, but what errors or challenges you have you had trying to do it? And where are you trying to do it i.e. Posts? Pages?

    I would like to add a voting system for each picture/post

    The Post Voting plugin should do the job for you if indeed it is voting on posts.

    Please advise regarding the first question.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for your response! Looks like the “Post Voting Plugin” will work nicely. I have not yet tried Gravity Forms with the Network theme. I have had some other Issues with GF that Rob from GF is looking into for me. The theme is going to be the last piece to my puzzle.

    “What pictures are you referring to?”

    These are pictures that people will post via GF for different contest I am holding on one of my personal websites. So they will be peoples personal photo’s *probably of all different file types* I’ve been using “neuro pro” theme from cyber chimps. Nice theme but not going to work for me here.

    One time before you referred me to database software called “Netcat”. Two questions about it.

    1. I am a novice at best with databases. I do plan on getting my own servers in Jan 2013. Would it be best that I learned about databases before I get into Netcat or start with Netcat.

    2. I also notice there is a free version. For the paid versions there were many options. I will be using Linux servers. I am using Linux with HG, I was using a windows server with HG and bought that Visual Studio, talk about a waste. Biggest pile of, well hey you wanna buy it. lol j/k I should of built a couple of servers to practice on instead. So any Any links, manuals, tutorials, or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I’ll get back to you after I hear from Rob. Thanks Joe! I should also mention these servers will not be for hosting public accounts, only my personal websites.

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