Network Wide Text Change does what exactly?

Just as an example, I set it to look for "WordPress", check the box to ignore case-sensitivity and replace it with the name of my network. When I look at the plugins page when signed in, all of the plugins that mention "WordPress" in their descriptions still read "WordPress". If I go to a demo site still running Twenty Eleven, it still reads "Proudly powered by WordPress" at the bottom. So it doesn't change things on the admin side and it doesn't change things on the public what does it do?

  • Kimberly

    Hi there!

    I installed this on a test-site and had no problems with it working.

    It looks as though it doesn't change ainything that is outside of the wp core files. We can't change text in plugin files (that fringes on violating license) and cannot reasonably change all post text or references to "wordpress" that are imported dynamically due to how the database loads and filters.

    The purpose is to help create continuity and put your name in all the places that make it look like a custom site.

    Make sure you don't put a url in the "in this text domain" as well.

    As for the front end, any changes there will have to be manual as we cannot account for every theme instance.

    If you want to remove the meta line from the plugin description, you can try Mason's suggestion here

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do!



  • Barry

    It will change any text that is translatable on your WP admin area (except on the branding pages, as it excludes those :slight_smile: ), if you leave the text domain field blank.

    If you want to limit the changes to a certain plugin, then you can use the text domain area. E.G. To limit changes to autoblog, you would put autoblogtext in the text domain, as that is the text domain the autoblog plugin uses. Membership uses membership, Pop Up plugin, popover and so on.

  • Barry

    Just to clarify, a translatable bit of text is wrapped in the __() or _e() functions in the Wordpress or plugins code. The network wide text change plugin pretends it is a translation system and "translates" text from its initial language to the "new" one.

    If the text isn't wrapped in those functions, then it isn't touchable by the system without a nasty hack which is included in the module, but disabled by default.