Network Wide Text Change not showing entries on localhost

Hi, I've set up a local site and a remote site for a Multisite install with Ultimate Branding activated. Network Wide Text Change works properly on only the remote site, with all of the entries showing, but on the local site there are no entries shown. I have everything synced between the local and remote site (using Git and WP DB Migrate Pro) so have no idea what's causing this. Please help, thanks!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Maria,

    Hope you're doing well.

    Could you please provide us with some more information about the setup you are using.
    So you have live multisite and you have a copy in the local installation, is that correct?

    If I understand correctly after the migration there are no values in Network Wide Text change?
    When happens if you add a new one, does it work and replaces the text?

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

  • Maria

    Hi Predrag, sorry I dropped the ball on this one. I was in design hell working on a site whose core plugins kept changing!

    I have given up on trying to make the plugin work and have uninstalled it, choosing to go with another solution. (Which ended up being: scrap the entire system and rebuild it using custom forms.) But if it helps re: troubleshooting, yes, there were no values in Network Wide Text Change. Adding a new one didn't replace anything either.

    Please feel free to respond if you have found the bug, otherwise please feel free to close also, since I am not using UB anymore for this project. Thanks!

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