Network Wide Text Change - Regex and HTML?

In Network Wide Text Change is it possible to have an option to use regular expression (regex)?

I have a theme that has:

Proudly powered by WordPress and BuddyPress.

with WordPress and BuddyPress as links in its footer. I tried to change WordPress and BuddyPress to something else, the words changed however where they linked to did not. Yes I tried replacing and to no avail.

Using regex, I could replace the whole line or just get rid of it entirely:

Proudly powered by([^\.]*)\.

Since I could not get rid of them, then I tried adding my own link in front of ex:

Proudly powered by 807area, WordPress and BuddyPress.

807area being a link to however it turns out like this:

Proudly powered by 807area<\/a>, WordPress and BuddyPress.

So I guess I would like an option to add/allow html in the replacement field as well.