Networks for WordPress Compatibility or WPMUdev version

Does something like this exist from you WPMUdev … has anyone at here had any experience with this plugin? If so, Is the arsenal here more or less likely to work like Domain Mapping Plugin etc…

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi wecreateyou

    I take it you’re referring to the following plugin?

    Just to mention, there’s also the WP Multi-Network plugin as follows.

    And no, there’s not something like that available here and from my understanding, those plugins would likely require a bit of a workaround for various other plugins, apart from those provided here.

    I’ll ask a few other folks over here what insight they might have on it though, as I just haven’t actually had the opportunity to try those out as yet.



  • wecreateyou
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi David,

    Yeah I guess it would have made since for me to include the link… lol!

    I kinda figured they would need to be some sort of adaptation to the plugins. just wondering.

    I actually had someone ask me multiple networks recently so I thought I’d pose the question to you guys.

    Thanks again.

  • Mason
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    In my tests, plugins from here seemed to work pretty well with wp-multi-network. The plugin is being updated right now for WP 3.2+ compatibility, but the latest version on SVN should be fine:

    The other one David mentioned is updated frequently and I know folks have had success with it, I just haven’t tried it personally.

    Let us know how it goes for ya :slight_smile:

  • wecreateyou
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks for that Mason… The first one David mentioned is the one I was considering.

    The date on WP-Multi-Network pretty much scared the heck out of me.. lol!

    Just noticed there’s a notice on the info tab for Networks-for-Wordpress.

    Plugins that create global (i.e. not blog-specific) tables will behave as though they are on a single network install. This is a limitation of WordPress’s table naming scheme.

    Does that mean only the Network enabled/installed plugins basically?

  • jimnastics
    • Flash Drive

    How’s it going with the Networks for WordPress plugin wecreateyou? I’m also looking at those two options, and also Networks+ ( I like the look of Networks for WordPress because it’s been updated recently, allows blogs to be moved amongst networks (could be handy), and also seems to have a cool advanced feature which lets you duplicate / set network options when you create a new network. My only worry is that, if this is a one-man team, there’s a risk he could just stop supporting the plugin in future and move onto other things. That could cause problems if you’ve got a big network of blogs built up.

  • wecreateyou
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi @jimnastics, I had to back up a bit as I discovered an issue with Domain Mapping. Now that I’ve settled it I’ll be checking into this again.

    My only worry is that, if this is a one-man team,

    Exactly. Pretty huge and core feature to not get updates and support. So I’ll be extensively testing in the near future. I like the looks of too. It’s supposedly well documented and the developer has their own Domain Mapping plugin. So I just contacted them to determine if the Domain Mapping will be an issue. If I can get them to consider adding an the option to switch between networks I’ll buy their solution.

    I’ll report back when I have done some testing or when I get an answer from wpebooks.

  • jimnastics
    • Flash Drive

    Great, look forward to hearing what they say! Just to add more information on the Networks for WordPress plugin, I found out a bit of info:

    1. Developed by a guy called David Dean

    2. He’s a Network Engineer at New Jersey State Library, an affiliate of Thomas Edison State College.

    3. The organisation is called JerseyConnect –

    4. More info about the plugin here:

    I’m going to give it a try out, but also bite the bullet and purchase Networks+, and see which is best for me. I’m also going to email David Dean, and see if I can get any reassurance on future support.

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